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David is an absolute joy to deal with! I had some family stones that I wanted to incorporate into an art deco design for an engagement ring. He sat with me, looked at the stones, and created an original design that was absolutely stunning! He took his time with me to explain the different looks and methods that could be used for the ring. Overall, I could not recommend David enough, and will definitely be going back for anything I need.

I can't recommend David enough. After being connected through a friend, I worked with David to create a custom engagement ring. I met David in his office and he took the time to sit with me and review several stones that matched what I was looking for. We discussed the design nuances and he reached out with other important details I had not considered. After selecting the stone and finalizing the design, he got to work right away to create the ring, accommodating both my budget and timeline. The result of David's expertise, attention to detail and thoughtfulness was a breathtaking ring that my girlfriend was absolutely thrilled with. David helped make our engagement perfect and I highly recommend using him for any of your jewelery needs!

David was an absolute joy to work with. The stone I was looking for was hard to find and David had by far the largest selection. He was also incredibly helpful and patient in explaining the pros and cons of each stone and helped me to understand what I wanted to optimize for. The ring is absolutely perfect. I was looking for an uncommon but specific setting and David took care of it in such a way that was better than I could have imagined. My fiancée was elated and I’d absolutely recommend to anyone and everyone that they work with David.

Thank you so much for helping me select the perfect ring within my budget. I absolutely appreciate how much time you were willing to spend with me to ensure I understand the 4Cs of diamonds and even help plan the engagement. She loves the ring and shows it off every chance she gets. You helped in the creation of one of the best days of our lives and we are eternally grateful.

I am overwhelmed by the beautiful ring you created for me. You transformed my grandmother's engagement ring that was sentimental but not wearable into a gorgeous modern ring that I will wear all the time. And it fits perfectly, which is always a challenge for me. I can't thank you enough for making a memory part of my daily life! Whoever said jewelry is a luxury and not necessary was very wrong.

Words cannot begin to express how struck I was, and continue to be, by the beauty of The Ring! Thank you. You have so elegantly and meticulously captured the symbols of our love, our shared loves, and our journey together.

We've tried to capture the spirit in a picture, but the ring outshines us! :)

I can't speak highly enough of David, and my experience buying an engagement ring. He made me feel comfortable and confident with my purchase, and he talked me through every detail in a way I could understand, with his expert opinion sprinkled in throughout. In the end I could not have been happier with the ring, and my fiancee absolutely loves it! We plan on going back to David for our wedding bands and any jewelry purchases in the future.

Thank you for your guidance and focusing my hazy ideas, providing invaluable advice and improving the design, and creating the rings that exceed my expectations. Your enthusiasm, expertise, and responsiveness to any concerns or questions I had made the process so effortless and pleasant.

I wanted jewelry to commemorate the birth of each of my daughters and I do not wear necklaces so those ubiquitous initial charms were out. I searched for 10 years, half-heartedly, for an alternative jewelry idea, and when I found it, I searched for another 2 for a jeweler to whom I can trust to complete this project. Thank goodness for my dear friend who referred your name.

All my fears and concerns were allayed when I met you. Thank you for taking the project seriously, and thank you for suggesting colored diamonds instead of my idea of just white. Thank you for keeping me informed every step of the way, and being so patient. I now have these stunning, unique rings that would never be mistaken for "mother's jewelry".

Thanks to you, and possibly to my husband's detriment, I have other projects in mind and I look forward to working with you in the near future.

David - Just getting caught up from getting in late last night. We had an excellent vacation. I proposed, she said yes and she absolutely loves the ring and it fits absolutely perfectly! She wouldn't stop staring at it the entire vacation and neither could anyone else for that matter. It's an absolutely beautiful ring and I love seeing Page's expressions every time she stares at it. We are both so happy and thank you so much for making this happen.

12 years ago my husband and I traveled to French Polynesia and visited a pearl farm on Rangiroa atoll. After a brief education it was time to go pearl diving. So we strapped on our masks and snorkels and swam into a gorgeous blue lagoon. We snorkeled down and unhooked one line of six oysters and then brought them back to the surface to find out what was inside... and we got two beautiful black pearls. It was such a lovely experience and a unique Tahitian treat we will never forget!

Last week, David custom-made 2 swirl white gold earrings with small diamonds and attached our Tahitian pearls to them. The earrings looks magical just like the story.

I would recommend David to anyone looking for a unique piece of art. Whether you have a vision of exactly what you want, or would like him to create a design around something meaningful to you, David is your man! He is not only an expert in his field, he is also a genuinely good person who turns your jewelry dreams into a concrete symbol of love.

I highly recommend D Sachs & Co to anyone looking to purchase or custom make jewelry. Thank you again for everything David!

Making such an important decision can be quite intimidating but luckily David was there to help guide the process along. At each decision point he provided the appropriate options and recommendations to create a fantastic ring. I truly appreciated his time and patience throughout the entire process and the end result is a testament to his professionalism. Thank you David and I look forward to recommending your services to friends and family.

Words can not properly express the gratitude I have for David.

Purchasing an engagement ring can be a very overwhelming experience; unless you deal with David. He walked me through every step of the process, with patience and enthusiasm. I knew what I was looking for in a ring and stone and David knew how to get what I wanted and keep it within the budget I had set. We dealt primarily through email and phone conversations, as I live in Pennsylvania, and when we finally met I had no doubt that I wanted him to create Sarah's ring... and what a ring! Sarah loves it; and apparently so does everyone she comes into contact with!

I can't wait to bring her into the city to meet David and pick out her wedding band. I know David will provide nothing but the best knowledge and craftsmanship for us. He has a customer for life! Thanks again for everything, my friend!

I knew practically nothing about diamonds before speaking with David, and other than a watch, I hadn't even bought a piece of jewelry before! It's fair to say that I was a complete novice, but David took the time to go over everything in detail, answer all of my questions, and really made sure I fully understood what I was buying. Not only does David know everything about diamonds, but he's also able to explain it in a way that makes it easily digestible.

Most importantly, David really made an effort to understand exactly what I was looking for. This enabled him to work within my budget while still making sure he found the perfect diamond and setting.

When the ring was being made, David made sure that I was kept in the loop the entire time which allowed me to effectively plan my proposal without worrying if the ring would be ready in time.

My fiance absolutely LOVES the ring. We went to countless jewelry stores to look at rings, and she never really found anything that she loved. However, after seeing the ring David made, she said that it's the best ring she's ever seen and it combined all of her favorite aspects from the rings we saw into one perfect ring. She can't stop talking about how perfect it is, and she doesn't even want to take it off to sleep or shower!

David's approach and knowledge removed nearly all of the stress from what is usually a stress-filled event, and for that I couldn't be more thankful. If I ever am in the market for another diamond I will not hesitate to call David, and I couldn't give him a higher recommendation.

David was great to work with. I wanted to buy my wife diamond studs. David selected several pairs of diamonds for me to view and suggested the best setting for these earrings. My wife loves them and martini setting really makes the diamonds look radiant on her ears. It was a very pleasant buying experience.

My engagement ring is perfect -- delicate and stunning. David did an amazing job, and I frequently get stopped by people commenting on how beautiful it is. Couldn't be happier!

David helped me choose an amazing antique ring for our fifteenth wedding anniversary. My wife loves it! David knew exactly what I was looking for because he asked the right questions and listened patiently to me, an expert on my wife's taste but a novice in jewelry. I recommend him wholeheartedly, and I will be back for future anniversaries!

You are making one of the most important purchases you can make and you know almost nothing. This is where David comes in. I have been an educator for many years and can recognize a great one. He clearly loves his business, loves to teach regarding diamonds, and is incredibly patient. I trusted him early on, so much so that the entire ring was done by email and phone. Similar to other testimonials, my fiancee was blown away and she has gotten comments frequently since receiving the ring. This guy is really fantastic and it is my absolute pleasure to recommend him.

I absolutely love the wedding band that David designed and made for me! I was a little nervous with how the band was going to fit with my engagement ring but David exceeded my expectations and the ring came out even better than I imagined. He was wonderful to work with and helped make this a great experience. Thank you!!

Working with David was a great experience. He helped me create a ring that is not only gorgeous but within my budget. He took the time to get to know me and explained everything I wanted and needed to know about the stones and settings. He made the process so easy and kept me informed as the ring was being made. In short he helped me create a ring that truly took her breath away that she will be happy to wear for the rest of her life. For that I cannot thank him enough.

David designed an engagement ring for my fiancee and did an absolutely outstanding job from start to finish. I knew little about diamonds, but David took the time to explain the various characteristics that are important and show me the differences in various types of diamonds. Most importantly, David's diamonds SPARKLE and really stand out -- I've seen a few of his diamonds compared to others and the difference is night and day. David's diamonds stand out so much that strangers come up to my fiancee to compliment her on her ring. David is world class and you should not go anywhere else for jewelry.

If you are considering buying a diamond ring (or any piece or jewelry for that matter)... David is the ONLY guy to work with. Honestly, if you want some unbiased advice give me a call (David has all my information). I can talk to you offline about how great he is to work with. When buying an engagement ring, I had no idea what I was doing. David walks you through the process and delivers the highest in quality and service. He is the American Express Black Card in the industry and will forever have a customer in myself, my family, and my friends. Thank you David.

I strongly recommend David to anyone looking to buy an engagement ring. He listened to what I was looking for, offered some great suggestions when I was unsure on certain aspects of the ring, and provided me with some beautiful diamonds to choose from that met my price range. Most importantly, my fiance absolutely loves the ring! Thanks David!
-Sean & Becky

It was a pleasure to work with David on every step of the process to purchase an engagement ring. After my first meeting with David, I was impressed by his friendly demeanor and willingness to listen to what I wanted as a finished product. Additionally, David did a great job teaching me everything I needed to know so I could make an intelligent and informed decision. When I saw the final product, I was extremely happy because it was exactly what I wanted. Thank you David for all your help. I greatly appreciate it!

Tim and I can't thank you enough for the beautiful wedding bands you created for us. And on top of the bands, it was an absolute pleasure to work with you. Prior to meeting you, we had gone through a sour experience with another jeweler and from the second we walked through your door, it was like a weight lifted off our shoulders. You offered insight without opinion and that is exactly what we needed. I can't wait to come back to you for my "push present." Thank you!
-Meg & Tim

When my fiancee and I came to David, we knew we wanted a fairly specific style of antique ring. Not only was David quickly able to locate several fine examples, he also was very flexible with prices and his service was impeccable. I would happily recommend him to anyone.

First off I feel that I should mention that have a tendency to be completely neurotic and do too much research on everything. So needless to say, buying an engagement ring was really testing the upper limits of my stress levels. Then I contacted my brother who put me in touch with a friend who is his "diamond guy". I immediately conjured up images of some shady back-dealing flea market scenario. Absolutely nothing could be farther from the truth. David is exceedingly professional and honest. It was truly a pleasure to work with him. As someone in a business-to-business sales field, I really appreciated his consultative approach. He educated me and let me come to my own decisions all while guiding me with honest objective input. I told him my budget and what my fiance liked and we went from there. She adores her ring and gets countless compliments. I can't thank you enough, David, and I'm glad to have a new friend as a result of such a positive experience... Thanks! And thank you for talking me off the ledge a couple of times!

Searching for jewelry in itself was a new avenue for me and now I was on a mission to find the perfect engagement ring. After a nightmare experience with a previous jeweler, I was recommended by a co-worker to visit David and the experience was more than delightful. David walked me through the process of picking the perfect diamond and creating the setting with ease around my budget. Now everyone admires David's craftsmanship and compliments the ring everywhere she goes. Thank you for creating such a fantastic ring and for having amazing customer service.
-Chris & Christina

We found David after a terrible experience with another jeweler. David was so knowledgeable and patient with us, and helped us choose the perfect rings! He was so gracious about our timeline, or rather, the lack thereof! David, thank you so much for everything and we will definitely contact you again for all of our jewelry needs!
-Sandhya and Viresh

I had a simple idea for a ring with flowers and David created two rings that were far beyond my imagination and stunned me with their beauty. Thank you David!

David did an awesome job listening to my needs and guiding me through the process. The result was an amazing engagement ring that my finace is enamored with. I highly recommend David to anyone taking the plunge! Thank you David!
-Steve & Liz

David created an equisite engagement ring with me. His work is wonderful and first class. The compliments I get are endless!

David's the best! We are satisfied customers many times over.
-Pete amd Iris

I could not have asked for a better experience when trying to find the perfect engagement ring. From the first time I spoke with David, he listened closely to everything that I said and gave me amazing feedback that helped me decide the type of ring that I wanted to create. The ring is absolutely amazing and I have never seen my fiancé smile so much in her entire life.

I would never consider going anywhere else in the future for my jewelry purchases, as I know it couldn't possibly live up to the expectations that David has set.

Thank you again for everything David!
-Kevin and Sara

I always knew I wanted to design my own engagement ring and had the exact vision of what it looks like in my mind. After being highly recommended by a friend, we found David. He was professional, patient and extremely knowledgeable.

My ring is absolutely PERFECT. It is exactly what I imagined and more. The workmanship and intricacy on the ring cannot be any better. I still can't stop looking at it.

We will definitely continue working with David on all future jewelry purchases and recommend him to anyone in a heartbeat.

Thanks David!!!!!!
-Jean & Andrew

We looked all over the city and the Internet for rings we liked, and were completely striking out. No one understood the look we wanted, and no one had anything remotely like it to show us. We started to wonder if we'd need stand-in rings for our wedding, and if we'd by looking for months afterward.

Then I asked a group of friends, longtime New Yorkers all, to find out where their married friends suggested going; three couples separately gave me the same name: David Sachs. After a quick phone call and an email, I visited David at his office, and he showed me two rings based on my description -- and one was PERFECT. Now it's on Kate's finger and looks stunning, and we couldn't be happier.

My own ring was equally tricky -- the look I wanted seemed not to exist, period. David and Kate worked out a hand-made design. Now i have the ring I always dreamed of on my finger, a ring which I wouldn't have imagined existed if the wasn't for David.

David, you were a real godsend, and a crucial part of our budding marital bliss. Thank you a thousand times!
-Ben Wheeler and Kate Cortesi

We knew the first time that we met David he would create the perfect engagement ring. The time and attention he took to understand what we were looking for made all the difference. Working with David made what is often a daunting and intimidating experience both enjoyable and assuring. David shared with us things we didn‚t even believe were possible and his design is spectacular. Wherever we travel in the world people always comment on how extraordinary the ring is and ask where we bought it. David is an exceptional artist with unrivaled vision. If only he planned weddings!
-Andrew and Raya

David, WOW, you really did one masterful job on our engagement and wedding rings! We are in awe of how delicate, finely detailed, and beautiful they came out! We also admire and appreciate your willingness to listen to our ideas and to work so closely with our desired vision. Jason and I cannot thank you enough for such unique and wonderful works of art.
-Julianna and Jason Gilbert

David's workmanship is beyond the the compliment of words. Technically, professionally, and personally, I was amazed at how he attended to our every need. Every request, change, and suggestion was always acknowledged by David throughout the process of creating the ring.

Many rings on the market are unique, but they don't leave an impression. The design that David came up with had a theme and most importantly, a meaning to it. The engagement ring that David created for us is unique, but most importantly, it gets compliments where ever we go. In simple terms, the image of the ring will remain for a lifetime after a one second glance.

We are grateful for his knowledge, patience, kindness, honesty, and workmanship. He left us speechless, as well as the masses who witness our engagment ring.
-Rudin and Horia

My husband surprised me with an initial pendant and a diamond key for my birthday and Christmas, which are five days apart. The brushed gold pendant sets off the diamond "D" giving it a simple elegance that is so surprising. I am overwhelmed by the beauty and quality of the key. The workmanship, intricacy of the design, and quality of the diamonds surpasses anything I have seen. It attracts attention and receives compliments every time I wear it and I am happy to tell everyone it is from David Sachs. These were my first pieces from David and I look forward to many, many more!

An uncompromising professional who treats his clients with the care of a family member, David Sachs is as rare as the exquisite jewelry he delivers. In working with him to create my custom engagement ring, I met a man who truly loves his profession: someone who not only has the audacity to aim for the stars, but also the ability to perform miracles. Enough cannot be said about his character or his dependability - he created a work of art that will proudly be worn in my family for generations.

Thank you, David.
-Mickey Duzyj

For over ten years, David has provided me with outstanding service, knowledge and vision. From an engagement ring to a recently completed sapphire ring, I always know that I will receive the best service, highest quality and unequaled artistic vision. He has always surpassed my expectations and I will remain a loyal client for years.
-John S.

I was referred to David through a friend who's engagement ring he made.  I'd looked around a bit on my own at rings and diamonds, but had very little real understanding.  The first time David and I met, we must have spent an hour and a half just talking - he asked about Renu, what we're like, what we do, how we met, etc.. before we ever got into the business end.

David was incredibly patient and helpful through the whole process and spent so much time explaining to me the differences and subtleties of size, color, clarity...We picked out several beautiful stones and designed a ring more beautiful than any I'd seen in any retail store, online or on anyone's hand.

We ended up with something truly unique and beautiful that Renu absolutely loves...

This was a great experience, made better only by the fact that now I'm getting married!

I can honestly say from the moment my fiancé opened the ring box I have not stopped staring at my ring. It is truly one of the most stunning stones I have ever seen. We had never even discussed what cut or size I wanted, and yet this ring was more beautiful than anything I could have picked. At first I just assumed that my love of it was related to the fact that it was mine, kind of like how all parents think their child is the cutest. But, I cannot tell you how many friends and coworkers have asked me to show their boyfriends in the hope that they will get something similar, and I have even had requests to show husbands with the suggestion of an anniversary upgrade. I can honestly say this is a ring that I will never grow tired of looking at.

David was able take my limited knowledge and design a ring that was exactly what I was looking for. We've gotten many compliments. Thank you!

David, you perfectly captured everything I could have ever dreamed of in an engagement ring. Every time I look at my ring, I am truly amazed at the detail, patience and precision that went into its creation. I will be forever grateful for the patience and care that went into selecting the diamond with my fiance. I think 'finding that perfect ring' can be so daunting for many men, but you really have a true talent for making it an educational, comfortable and personal experience. You designed a ring so perfect, I wasn't even sure it existed. Thanks again and we'll be back!

I cannot begin to express to you the thanks I have for the time that you spent with me. I know that I can be a pest, but the patience you demonstrated in not only showing, but in teaching me everything I ever wanted to know about diamonds was extraordinary. In our time together, poring over stones, you never rushed me or pushed me to a decision. In fact, you were the one making me second guess choices, always making sure I was nothing but happy. You became more than just a jewelry salesperson, you honestly became a friend that I now recommend to everyone I know. The final product was nothing but exquisite and unique. It is, in a word, beautiful. Thank you David, you forever will be a significant part in mine and Kathryn’s story together.

I was referred to David after Michael M. purchased his engagement ring from him. David started off by helping me with the beautiful eternity wedding band I was looking for and before I knew it, I was also purchasing diamond studs and pearl earrings from him! I have gotten so many compliments on my wedding band and stud earrings. Even my hard-to-please mom loved the pearl earrings David made for her. He is truly one in a million.
-Jennifer L.

David was a pleasure to work with when I purchased Allison's gorgeous solitaire engagement ring. David took the time to show me the ins and outs of diamonds, as well as showed great patience when showing me many (many) diamonds in the size, color, class, and clarity I desired until we found the perfect one! I look forward to calling David soon to begin the search for our wedding rings. Also, I've already referred a friend as well, who recently purchased her wedding ring and she had the same pleasurable experience. Thanks again, you made the entire experience fun and exciting. Allison was blown away when I proposed at sunset on the beach.
-Michael M.

I love my new diamond! You were right-- it is more beautiful than the one I lost. I am also very pleased with the modifications to my chain that will prevent it from accidently sliding off. The Cross you created for our granddaughter is perfect! The rubies are a lovely shade of red. She is sure to cherish it.
-Karen S.

I cannot thank David enough for assisting me in making a beautiful ring for my wife. Not only is he creative but he has an incredible amount of patience and knowledge of materials and construction. If you want to make your wife happy and be proud of the jewelry you select, you should work with D. Sachs & Co.

I was referred to David by a co-worker, and meeting with him was the best decision I could have made. When I met David the first time I was totally lost, and knew nothing about jewelry. He taught me so much, and guided me throughout the whole process. He met with me as many times as I needed to and was constantly in contact with me via email. His patience, knowledge, and understanding made all the difference. My fiance has not stopped smiling, and when I pulled out the ring, she was speechless. It took her a few minutes just to say yes!

Thanks for all the help David. We'll definitely be seeing each other next year for the wedding bands.

GORGEOUS... words cannot even describe how amazing my engagement ring is... truly one of a kind and unique... not only did my jaw drop when I saw it, but everyone around me can't stop staring and complimenting it... I call it my "forever ring" because I don't think I could ever get tired of looking at it... Thanks David!

You are an incredible visionary. I couldn't be happier with the final product.

From start to finish, you have been nothing short of professional and attentive to my needs. Your insight was executed well. Thank you for EVERYTHING! I look forward to a great future with you.

David was able to help my fiancé surprise me with a beautiful ring in no time with little notice. Thank you for making the evening unforgettable! My fiancé said you were very easy to work with, a great listener and very reliable. Thanks David!!!

After looking all over New York City for the perfect ring I was finally referred to David. He listened to everything that I said and made the perfect ring into a reality. He was incredibly patient and kind. If you are looking for a piece of jewelry that is truly spectacular and one-of-a-kind, then David Sachs will go to the ends of the earth to give you exactly what you're looking for.

Knowledgeable, honest, diligent, attentive. These qualities, and more, made my experience buying an engagement ring from David an absolute pleasure. I could not have been happier with David, or with the ring, and I highly recommend him to anyone in the market for jewelry.

David, I wanted to extend my sincerest thank you for all of the hard work and expertise that you put into designing my engagement ring with CJ. I absolutely love it and I could not have asked for anything more. On the night we got engaged, he started spilling the stories of all of the days that he met with you over the months that you two planned out my ring. I was amazed that you spent that kind of time with him to make sure he was entirely happy with his "big purchase." I love how unique it is and I couldn't have picked out anything more perfect had he taken me shopping himself! Thank you, David!
-Kathryn Flood

I just referred David to a good friend of mine after he finished my engagement ring.  He took so much care to detail and made sure it was perfect in wax before casting it- my ring is spectacular and people always ask who created it!  David is such a pleasure to work with!

We had been jewelery shopping for a wedding band shortly after purchasing our engagment ring from David Sachs. The jeweler that we were speaking with wanted to make a very generous offer on Nancy's diamond that we had purchased from David. We realized then how well David had treated us. After that my wife said 'I trust David and only want to deal with David Sachs'.

We since went back to David and purchased another brillant diamond... David is a great guy and friend. Thanks, David.
-Nancy and John

David made the process of buying earrings simple and enjoyable.  His knowledge and professionalism exceeded my expectations and I found the perfect gift for my wife.  David even took the time to follow up with me 3 weeks after the sale to ensure that I was happy with my purchase and to answer any additional questions I might have had.
-J. Verdi

I am so glad I trusted my most important purchase in my life (an engagement ring)to David.  Besdies the personal and thoughtful customer service he gave to me, the ring was exceptionally beautiful.  Thank you David for everything.
-E. Crusius

I had a wonderful experience dealing with David. Not only is the work that he does beautiful but he is very honest and friendly. David made me feel very comfortable in making such a big purchase and I would strongly recommend him to all my friends and family.
-C. Ponte

I asked David to create a natural odd-shaped multi-colored pearl necklace for my wife that would be "fun" enough to wear over a sweater with jeans and classy enough to wear to a show. He is a great listener and the piece is even better than I had imagined. For an encore, he made a set of earrings based on details I gave him on a phone call and they matched perfectly! Many thanks!!!
-M. Sedam

David demonstrated knowledge, patience, precision and sensitivity during the design process of my ring. It was great working with him and my new ring is perfect!
-C Marx

I’ve never had trust or confidence buying jewelry from anyone in the business. I always felt I was being ripped off in some way while having to compromise on the final product. That changed dramatically when I met David Sachs. I bought two pieces from him for a girlfriend that lived ten thousand miles away. I described the person and occasion, and relied on his judgment to narrow down the choices I eventually bought. Not only were his choices spot on -- but he worked within my budget!

I find David to be a consummate professional. His extensive and comprehensive knowledge of his field is astounding. The best part about working with him is that you know that you are getting true value. Dealing with him is such an absolute pleasure -- he makes you feel that he is your own private jeweler.
- WR Mann

Thank you so much for all of your help with my earrings! I love them and they are absolutely perfect! As always, you were able to make exactly what I wanted! And boy oh boy was I surprised when I got them over a week earlier than expected, you definitely had me fooled so the surprise made them even better! Thanks again; it's such a pleasure working with you. -Jennifer

This ring is so BEAUTIFUL. I don't know what to say - it is truly perfect in so many ways. I really LOVE it and thank you so much for making it for us. I know it was a unique concept and you nailed it! Thanks so much. -Shelby

Thanks for taking the time to meet with us. I love the earrings so much, and now I want pieces to match them. See you soon! -Krystle

When I gave the necklace to my wife that David created, she broke down in tears and said it was the nicest piece of jewelry that she was ever given, aside from her engagement ring. She was so happy I could not describe it. She wears it everyday and says that when I gave it to her it made her feel special and appreciated. It is a beautiful necklace. I was given great service, expertise, and quality for a very, very fair price. Going forward, I will buy all my jewelry through David Sachs. -David

Thank you sooo very much for your patience and guidance. Rob and I are extremely happy. Also thanks for taking the time to educate us. you made this special part our stepping stone even more memorable. Thanks again! -Norma

This personal touch and attention to detail is what makes me highly recommend David Sachs to anybody in any part of the world. Distance is no barrier to this man. You couldn't get any better service. -Alex

David, We both wanted to say thanks for everything that you have done!  -Heidi & Tony

David, Thanks a million!   I never thought I’d take this step, but you made it so easy.  -Paul

David, I appreciate your guidance with my engagement.  Although I never thought that I would do this on the web, I’m confident that this is the BEST WAY to go!  -Marco

David, Hey buddy, thanks a lot for helping me with this purchase.  Ellen is sooo thrilled!  -Todd

David, Thank you in advance for your help with my ring.  I am certain that it will be perfect and I will just love it.  I appreciate your expertise greatly.  Thanks, Dianne 

Dear David, I LOVE IT!!!  Thanks again.  -Dianne

David, Well I broke down and asked her.  Thankfully she said “yes”.  And although she found the mood ring I gave her amusing, she was so impressed with the “real deal”.  -Jonathan

David, I just want you to know how much we appreciate your extra efforts in helping us make this a very special time.  Talk to you soon.  -Jen

David, WOW! I’ll be in touch soon about the wedding bands.  Thanks again.  -Robert

Dear David, Thank you very much for helping us with our selection and we hope to see you again soon.  Thanks again.  -Brian

David, Thanks again for all the help with the watch.  We love it!  -Rick

Dear David, Once again, thank you for helping us with this enormous decision.  If your half as good as they say, I am sure we will be admiring your design and workmanship for the rest of our lives.  -Tom and Emily

Dear David, We just wanted to thank you for your patience and your genuine love for what you do!  It was such a pleasure working with you on such a big moment in our lives.  You helped make our engagement a very special time with such a beautiful ring!!  We will remember the day forever. Sincerely, Danielle and Robert

Hi David, WOW!!! They arrived safe and sound. Ed couldn't keep them from me. Thank you very much. I love them.  -Yvonne

David, we had a great time in New York and hope to visit again.  Thanks for everything!  -Keith & Kathy

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